Prista® LiCa EP 2

Description and Application

Multipurpose, extreme pressure lithium and calcium thickeners grease, Prista® LiCa EP 2 ensures very high water resistance and protection against wear and corrosion for the lubricated parts. This grease is recommended for lubrication of plain and rolling bearings operating under high loads in highly humid environment.

Prista® LiCa EP 2 is a widely used extreme pressure grease for automotive and industrial applications. Suitable for agricultural, off-road and construction equipment, where water and / or dust contamination is  significant.

Operating temperature range of Prista® LiCa EP 2 is from -25°C to 110°C


   •   very good water resistance 
   •   high-load carrying capacity and excellent protection against wear
   •   excellent protection against rust and corrosion 
   •   very good adhesion properties 

ISO 6743/9 - ISO-L-XBBHB 2
DIN 51502, DIN 51825 - KP2G-25

Package: drum 180 kg, keg 50 kg, pail 15 kg, pail 4 kg, cartridge 0.800 kg