Prista® CS Complex EP 2 /1.5

Description and Application

Prista® CS Complex EP greases are high performance heavy duty lubricating greases, based on calcium sulfonate complex thickener system and severely hydro-treated mineral base oil of high viscosity. A unique structure of calcium sulfonate complex thickener provides very high dropping points, extraordinary anti-wear performance and extreme pressure properties, excellent mechanical stability, good rust protection and superior water washout and water spray-off resistance.

Prista® CS Complex EP greases are specially formulated for lubrication of heavily loaded bearings operating at elevated temperatures in the steel industry. They are also suitable for other heavy duty applications, including mining, quarries, cement and paper industry, agriculture and forestry, construction equipment and marine applications in the most severe conditions - under extremely high and shock loads, elevated temperatures, in dirt and in wet environment.

The very high dropping point ensures operating temperature range from -25°C up to 180°C.


   •   exceptional water resistance
   •   inherent extreme pressure and anti-wear performances
   •   extend bearing life under shock-load conditions
   •   excellent mechanical stability and high shear resistance
   •   rust and corrosion protection – protects metal parts from corrosion and rust
   •   excellent thermal stability – does not liquefy until > 300°C (305°C for NLGI 2)
   •   improved oxidation stability
   •   good adhesive properties
   •   good pumpability
   •   wide range of heavy duty applications

Prista® SC Complex EP 2:
ISO 6743-9 - L-XBFIB 2
DIN 51502, DIN 51825 - KP2R-25

Prista® SC Complex EP 1.5:
NLGI 1.5
ISO 6743-9 - L-XBFHB 1.5
DIN 51502, DIN 51825 - KP1.5R-25

Package: drum 180 kg, pail 16 kg

  Prista® CS Complex EP 2

  Prista® CS Complex EP 1.5