Prista Super 15W-40/ 20W-50

Description and Application

Prista® Super Gas multigrade engine oils are designed for lubrication of engines burning commercial propane/butane (LPG). 
These lubricants are formulated with a special selection of high quality solvent refined and hydrotreated base stocks and special advanced additive technology to ensure very good detergent and dispersant properties and protection against rust, corrosion, oxidation, and low temperature deposit formation. The employed detergents/dispersants effectively reduce the high temperature deposit and lacquer accumulation maintaining clean all engine parts and components. 
The anti-wear and anti-scuffing agents in the additive package provide for dependable and sure protection against wear thus extending the engine life and increasing its service reliability.
The performance additive package contains special high temperature anti-oxidants preventing lubricant deterioration under the high temperature conditions inherent in LPG engines.


   •   Excellent oxidation and nitration protection  
   •   Excellent wear protection
   •   Clean combustion area
   •   Extended spark plug life
   •   Prevents pre-ignition
   •   Prolonged engine service life