Prista Antifreeze Long Life (ready-to-use)

Description and Application

PRISTA® ANTIFREEZE LONG LIFE - Ready for use is ready for use coolant/antifreeze based on ethylene glycol and a silicate-free additive system developed with organic (mono- and di-carboxylic) acids. The product is free from potentially harmful substances such as nitrites, amines, and phosphates, which makes it environmentally friendly.
PRISTA® ANTIFREEZE LONG LIFE - Ready for use ensures a dependable and long-term engine protection against freezing and overheating, as well as protection against all forms of corrosion for all engine construction materials. Along with conventional engines, this antifreeze is particularly suitable for high-tech engines high-temperature corrosion protection for the aluminium heat transfer surfaces is vital. 
This product guarantees freezing protection at ambient temperatures down to minus 40 C*.

PRISTA® ANTIFREEZE LONG LIFE - Ready for use products allow extended drain intervals thanks to the special organic additives used in their formulation with minimum depletion during service. The recommended drain intervals are as follows:

   •   Passenger cars - 250 000 km or 2 000 hours
   •   Heavy-duty trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles – 650 000 km or 8 000 hours
   •   Stationary engines – 32 000 hours or 6 years

*Note - This temperature is the average value of the Initial Crystallization Temperature and the Pour Point. The exact value of the Freezing Temperature is determined in a laboratory. Approximate values can be obtained by refraction meters and hydrometers calibrated for ethylene glycol - based coolants.