Prista Antifreeze

Description and Application

PRISTA® Antifreeze is coolant/antifreeze for year-round use formulated from ethylene glycol and an appropriate selection of silicate-free additives based on organic (mono and dicarboxylic) acids.
PRISTA® Antifreeze is designated to provide protection against freezing, overheating and corrosion in combustion engines. It is fit for passenger cars, trucks, buses, off-road vehicles and stationary engines and etc. It is ready product and could be used without dilution with water.
PRISTA® ANTIFREEZE guarantees freeze/frost protection at ambient temperatures down to minus 40C*.
*Note - This temperature is the average value of the Initial Crystallization Temperature value and the Pour Point value. The exact value of the Freezing Temperature is determined in a laboratory. Approximate values can be obtained by refraction meters and hydrometers, calibrated for ethylene glycol based coolants.