Prista 2T-Outboard

Description and Application

Prista® 2T Outboard is highly reliable two-cycle engine oil intended for the lubrication of outboard engines. It is formulated with superior quality mineral base stocks and highly effective ashless additives plus high flash point solvent. 
Prista® 2T Outboard is recommended for application in two-cycle water cooled outboard engines of boats, personal watercrafts (Jet Ski, WaveRunners, etc.) where the application of engine oil meeting the requirements of NMMA TC-W3 is required.


   •   Readily mixable with gasoline
   •   Good protection against cylinder bore scoring
   •   Prevents high temperature deposit formation
   •   Suitable for use in Direct Fuel Injection two-stroke outboard engines
   •   Low toxicity (additive package value for LC50 is above 3000ppm)