GreenChem is one of Europe’s largest AdBlue producers and distributors.  Part of Agrofert Holding a large privately owned Czech company which employs more than 34.000 people divided over three main business units.

   •   Chemical production
   •   Food production
   •   Agricultural production

The Chemical production which is almost 50% of the business contains amongst GreenChem also two large Urea production companies, which supply the raw material for AdBlue to GreenChem.

GreenChem produces AdBlue locally in more than 20 production facilities around Europe and Brazil, this provides the company with a very flexible capacity and reliable production of AdBlue.

Flexible; because if AdBlue demands would suddenly peak, our production units can easily increase capacity by simply double the shifts.

Reliable; because if one production facility would breakdown GreenChem can easily switch to another to uphold the reliable deliveries of AdBLue.

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